Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Roundup

First of all, thanks to everyone who commented on my posts, and to HoCoMoJo for linking to me. I appreciate all of the tips about the natural cleaning solutions/products.  I'll be purchasing a few things this weekend to experiment.

Next up, the Weekend Roundup.  G and I started the weekend by heading over to The Perfect Pour and taking advantage of their free tastings.  We tasted a few wines, most notably the Spanish Heredad Soliterra Priorat, which (we were informed) is composed of hand-picked grapes grown in volcanic soil.  The overall taste reminded me of some of the sweet, raisin flavors of Port, but with a fairly even finish.  Not a wine I would normally pick up, but interesting nonetheless.

The beer tasting featured beers from Old Dominion Brewing Company.  I really appreciated that they brought along a jar of crystal hops (for smelling) to showcase the hops in their Hop Mountain.  We also got to taste their limited release Oak Aged Millennium Ale - which, like a lot of up-and-coming beers, is aged in bourbon barrels. The brewers also introduced a wild yeast strain into the beer and let it go nuts.  Definitely a unique beer, and a winner - but unfortunately, not available anywhere outside of their brew pub in Delaware.

Saturday was a work day - Williams-Sonoma for a few hours in the afternoon.  It was fun, as always, and I learned that I won an award (basically "Employee of the Month").  Very exciting!  I am glad that I am doing so well there, and I'm excited to keep doing the work.  My next Sous Chef class is on April 30th, and I'll be making chicken croquettes.  Another recipe I've never made before...  Always good to be challenged!

Saturday night was family time - doing taxes, eating pizza, and doing girly stuff with my sister (who is 14 years my junior).  It's always good to spend time with my family.  G and I followed that up with a movie from Blockbuster and snuggles on the couch.

Groceries, dance class, and errands followed on Sunday.  A busy day, but pleasantly so.

So, we're back to Monday, which finds me sitting on the porch with iced coffee (Trader Joe's French Roast made in my shiny new French press), relaxing after a vigorous workout.  Next up: making dinner.  

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