Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HoCoHouseHon? What's that?!

What it means to be a HouseHon:

Working part time means that I am lucky enough to be available for cooking, cleaning, and general housework.  As much as I would love to rail against the gender stereotype, I kind of like it.

If my wonderful fiance, G, had most of the week free, he'd be doing the "homemaker" routine.  He'd be happy to scrub floors and bathtubs, vacuum, and cook dinner every day.  It's only fair, then, that I take care of as many chores as possible.  His willingness to help, plus my free time, makes me willing to take care of him.  

I don't think that makes me any less of an empowered woman.  I think being empowered means doing what you like to do, what is healthy and enjoyable, gender stereotypes be damned.  So I clean the house and joke about being "wifey" - so what?  

I'm happy.  I think that my happiness and fulfillment makes me a feminist.
And HoCo?  How does that fit in?

G and I are starting our lives in the HoCo.  G moved here after graduating, and I followed him soon after.  My parents live about five minutes away, and they have been having a wonderful life working, raising a kid, and just enjoying the HoCo.  G and I love visiting great places like the Second Chance Saloon, Frisco Grille, Union Jack's - and Cafe de Paris, Greystone Grill, Diamondback Tavern.  We're having fun.

And yet - there are certain things about Columbia in particular that I wish I could change.  I don't drive, and I hate that I can't walk to a grocery store, or any market; I can't decide to buy flowers for the table because there's no florist within walking distance.  I miss living a city life, sometimes, because I miss walking out my front door and finding an adventure within reach.  I'm not trying to be overly critical, and I'm so proud of my neighbors and friends and the lives we're all living in this rapidly growing and changing place.  But I do miss the city.  I feel sad that the only sidewalks in my neighborhood are to the pizza place, the convenience store, and the Chinese.  

I love living here.  I can't wait to buy a house, have kids, send them to the best public schools.  I love working here, too.  I just want to write about what it's like for a young couple trying to make a life, to find a place, in Howard County.  

Here, you're going to find recipes.  You're going to find stories of the cooking class I teach.  You might hear about the restaurants I love, and the fun details of my weekend, and searching for the freshest ingredients and the best music and the most enlivening experiences - all here in the HoCo.  I'll never stop being a Hon, but I'll continue to love living in Howard County.       


  1. Sweet! Welcome. Love your voice/perspective/come-from-ness. Hi, My name's is Jessie and I collaborate with a guy named Robin to create hocoblogs.com, which is an aggregate site of bloggers in the hoco. I'd be delighted if you'd submit your blog for inclusion there. It's free ... and we have parties. http://hocoblogs.com/submit_blog.html

  2. Thanks for the welcome, Jessie, and for the compliment! I will visit hocoblogs directly!